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TheGreenBow Update Policy

Update Policy

Update Option is a yearly option that allows you to upgrade to the latest software release at any time. While subscribing to the maintenance contract, you do not have to pay again the price of a full license when a new release is available.

Why are updates useful?

TheGreenBow is continuously developing and improving its solutions, extending their possibilities and making them easier to use. Updates are also important in case a Service Pack for your Operating System modifies IP management in depth (which happened with XP Service Pack 2 for instance), or when a new Operating System appears on the market, as new releases are compatible with new Operating Systems.

I am not going to activate the software immediately. When will my Update Period start?

The Update Period, if you choose to purchase this Update Option, does not start on the day of purchase, but it starts upon software license activation. For instance, if you purchase 25 licenses with 1 year Update Option and you activate them on June 2008, you will be able to get latest software releases until June 2009.

What happens if I did not purchase the Update Option?

Without this Update Option, you have the right to use the software without any time limit, but only in the version which existed on the day of activation. For instance, if you installed and activated a license for TheGreenBow IPsec VPN Client 3.12, you won't be able to use release 4.0 or further.

In case you need to upgrade to latest software release, you can always purchase an "Upgrade" with or without Update Option. If your Update Period expired within the last 3 months, we'll propose you to buy an "Extension" of your Update Period instead. See pricing details in the online shop pages.

Subscription duration



Why am I buying an Upgrade?
Upgrade is proposed in case your maintenance contract expired earlier than 3 months ago. Maintenance contract starts at the time of software activation.
Why am I buying Maintenance Extension?
Extension of maintenance contract is proposed in case your maintenance contract has not expired yet or it has expired in the last 3 months. Maintenance contract starts at the time of software activation.

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