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You are trying to open a VPN tunnel and you are experiencing the following error:

Error VPN082: "udp must exists as a listener too" (IP address mismatch).

The IP address set in the "Interface" parameter of Phase 1 doesn't match the IP address of the computer. This problem appears when the IP address of the computer changed after the VPN Client started or when a VPN Configuration with a wrong IP adress was imported.

Console message example:
20090429 113041 Default udp_create: 500 must exist as a listener too
20090429 113041 Default exchange_establish: transport "udp" for peer "CnxVpn1-P1" could not be created

You may:
  • Restart (quit then run) the VPN Client.
  • Or check the local IP address (Interface) defined in Phase 1 to be set to "any".