Nomadic Work Practices

Protect Your Connections

Our work habits have been disrupted in recent years with the advent of digital nomadism, coworking, and the growing trend in telecommuting. We are increasingly working outside the business’s brick-and-mortar location and sometimes use our personal equipment (laptops, phones, tablets). However, we expect the same performance levels as in our office and need to access to all our resources (email, intranet, business applications, etc.).


Whether we work from home, in a coffee shop or on a train, when we connect to the internet, we expose our data to a number of cyber threats with potentially disastrous consequences for our business.

If data is not protected, it data may be intercepted and exploited to illegally enter and compromise the corporate information system. A breach can also cause data to lose its confidential nature or even expose it to tampering. Cyber espionage, especially when supported by states, is a reality today!

Cyber attaque

With the growing areas exposed to attacks and the ever-increasing activity of hackers, CTOs and CISOs feel constantly on edge. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) practices and the increased use of shadow IT (use of applications not controlled by the CTO) are aggravating risk factors.

To secure remote and mobile connections to the information system and to protect data, they must find efficient and easy-to-use solutions for mobile staff.

Our solution

A major player in VPN technologies, TheGreenBow has developed a range of VPN clients that protect connections from workstations (Windows, macOs, Linux), phones, and tablets (Android, iOS).

What is a VPN?

Connections between remote employees and the company information system are authenticated and secured. The IPsec VPN tunnel protects the integrity and confidentiality of the data exchanged and avoids any risk of data leakage.

Why choose TheGreenBow

TheGreenBow VPN clients are renowned for their robustness, ease of installation, and ease of use.

 Security: The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) has issued several certifications, called security visas, for TheGreenBow products, a clear sign of our commitment to providing trusted VPN solutions that rely on the most advanced encryption algorithms and authentication systems on the market.

 Easy installation: We keep administrators in mind and aim to make their lives easier by providing numerous configuration and deployment options in our VPN clients.


Ease of use: For protection to be truly effective, it must actually be used! Our software is extremely easy to use. We make sure users can carry out their tasks and actions in as few steps as possible, so that they can use their VPN client in a seamless and transparent manner.

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