Connection Management Center

In the face of intense threats, being able to maintain the highest possible protection level is vital.

You must therefore be able to generate security rules that govern the conditions for opening your VPN tunnels and to administer your VPN client pool with ease.

Discover Connection Management Center

The Connection Management Center has been designed with IT administrators and CISOs in mind. It provides them with services hosted in a cloud-native console to keep full control and gain the visibility they need to efficiently secure remote access to your information system.

The Connection Management Center’s services enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Centralize, create, and quickly distribute VPN configurations
  • Deploy and easily manage your licenses
  • Generate ZTNA security rules
  • Manage and analyze logs




Secure architecture

Applying a security-by-design approach, the Connection Management Center has been designed as a software appliance based on stateless microservices managed by an orchestrator to ensure high availability.

The services thus exposed on the corporate network are secured with certificates that can be included in the corporate PKI. All data exchanges are encrypted.

From a functional standpoint, the Connection Management Center communicates with users (CISOs, administrators, etc.) via a web-based front-end and with VPN clients via a reverse proxy to authenticate and filter calls.

Just as for its VPN clients, TheGreenBow monitors CVEs in order to implement security updates as soon as practicable.

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