Controlling access to your organization

The growing trend of subcontracting leads service providers to perform tasks within the company’s walls or in outdoor premises. Subcontracted developers, engineers, and consultants often need to access extremely critical resources from their workstations. The confidentiality of R&D projects and hence controlling access to your organization become a major issue.

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Cyberattacks against the business ecosystem of major corporations are on the rise. This particularly applies to their subcontractors or their service providers, such as IT services and consulting firms, internet service providers and facility management companies.

Smaller businesses are no exception to this trend. They are increasingly targeted by hackers, who exploit their security vulnerabilities to then gain access to larger corporations.

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Given this context, CISOs tremble at the idea of needing to grant access to the information system on workstations that are not under the company’s control.

To prevent data interception and above all to partition its information system and keep subcontractor access contained within a restricted perimeter, an ordering party may force its subcontractors to deploy a VPN client under its control.

This enables administrators to restrict third party access to its information system.

Our solution

AOpening a specific tunnel establishes a secure and exclusive connection with subcontractors. Administrators can thus grant restricted access to internal resources on workstations equipped with a VPN client that they have configured with digital protocols and certificates entirely under their control.

What is a VPN?

A major player in VPN technologies, TheGreenBow has developed a range of VPN clients that enables ordering parties to protect connections from workstations (Windows, macOs, Linux), smartphones, and tablets (Android, iOS) to their information system.

Why choose TheGreenBow

TheGreenBow VPN Clients are renowned for their robustness, ease of installation, and ease of use.

Sécurity: The French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) has issued several certifications, called security visas, for TheGreenBow products, a clear sign of our commitment to providing trusted VPN solutions that rely on the most advanced encryption algorithms and authentication systems on the market.

Easy installation: We keep administrators in mind and aim to make their lives easier by providing numerous configuration and deployment options in our VPN clients.


Ease of use: For protection to be truly effective, it must actually be implemented! Our software is extremely easy to use. We make sure users can carry out their tasks and actions in as few steps as possible, so that they can use their VPN client in a seamless and transparent manner.

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