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You are trying to open a VPN tunnel and you are experiencing the following error:

Error VPN084: "No proposal chosen" (Phase 2 Algorithms mismatch).

The message "No proposal chosen" was received during the IKE exchange: The Phase 2 algorithms doesn't match the gateway configuration.

Console message example:
20090429 115915 Default (SA Cnx-Cnx-P2) SEND phase 2 Quick Mode [SA][KEY][ID][HASH][NONCE]
20090429 115915 Default RECV Informational [HASH][NOTIFY] with NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN error
20090429 115915 Default RECV Informational [HASH][DEL]
20090429 115915 Default Cnx-P1 deleted

You may:
  • Check the VPN Client Phase 2 algorithms to be consistent with the gateway (or peer) Phase 2 algorithms.