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You are trying to open a VPN tunnel and you are experiencing the following error:

Error VPN093: "Invalid Cookie" (Remaining tunnel).

The "Invalid Cookie" message was received during the IKE exchange. It means that one of the VPN endpoints (Client or peer) is using a tunnel which is no more in use.

Note: this warning may also occur when closing the VPN Tunnel. It is not a blocking problem.

Console message example:
20090429 115933 Default message_recv: invalid cookie(s) 5918ca0c2634288f 7364e3e486e49105
20090429 115933 Default dropped message from port 500 due to notification type INVALID_COOKIE
20090429 115933 Default SEND Informational [NOTIFY] with INVALID_COOKIE error

You may:
  • Reset the VPN connection on each side (e.g. wait 5 to 10 minutes depending on the router timers, and restart the VPN Client).