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The software TheGreenBow crashed while being executed. This problem is identified by a Windows Warning message box which shows the relevant program, together with optional information about the problem.

Warning, this form is dedicated to the "crash" problems. If you experienced "Blue screen", please, rather go to this form.

Software Crash Form
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 nfo file (Windows system information file)  How to generate it ?
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A nfo file is a Windows System Information File.

To generate it, follow these simple steps:
  • Run the program "msinfo32.exe"
  • Select the menu "File"
  • Select "Save"
  • Give a name to the file (e.g.: "mycomputer.nfo") and click on "Save"
Note the saving process may take a few minutes.

IMPORTANT: As far as it's possible, please compress the nfo file before sending it to our Support !