Manual license activation

Manual license activation

This page enables to Offline Activate TheGreenBow Software whenever you experience online activation problems (such as activation server unreachable, problem of internet connexion, etc…).

Step 1 – Sending the prodact.dat file

To proceed to a Manual Software Activation, you will need the activation file ‘prodact.dat’.

Where is the file “prodact.dat” on my computer?
Add a file

The files must be in .DAT format and must be less than 5MB in size.

Step 2 – Analysis

Your manual activation file “product.dat” has been successfully scanned.
Please click “Submit” to get your activation code (this may take a few seconds).

Step 3 – Activation

Where can I find the activation file ‘prodact.dat’ on my computer ?

Activation file: ‘prodact.dat

The Activation File ‘prodact.dat’ contains the activation parameters.

It is automatically created each time a Software Activation failed.
It is created under the User ‘My Documents’ directory of the relevant computer.

To find ‘prodact.dat’ on:

  • Windows Vista: Open ‘Documents’
  • Windows XP: Open ‘My Documents’.
  • Windows 7 or further: Open ‘Documents’.
Where can I find the activation file 'prodact.dat' on my computer ?

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