Secure your email

Encrypt your email on Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, all webmail

CryptoMailer 5

How to protect your email?

You know nothing about encryption ... good, because you don't need to learn how it works. Just install & send encrypted secure email immediately, that's all !


New to CryptoMailer, or you recieved an encrypted email, just download and install the same way.


Create your account whith your email, no config, work instantly.


Send or read your secure email in one click.

Keep working as usual

No change to your daily routine
No need to know if your contacts already installed it
No need to create a dedicated email address, keep yours
No need to exchange a secret passphrase
Read and send your email as you always did before

No Limit

FREE decryption for everyone ... for life
NO LIMIT in emails sent or received
NO LIMIT in attachment size or number of attachements
NO LIMIT in personal email accounts managed
NO LIMIT in email recipients when sending emails
NO LIMIT in encrypted emails in your mailbox

Strongest protection

Only you have the key to open your encrypted mails ... no one else
Encrypt all types of attachment (doc, pdf, photo, video,...)
Emails always stay encrypted on your PC or webmail
Enforce encryption to some of your contacts by rules


Email software clients plugin:

  • Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail

Any webmail app:

  • Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Outlook.com,...