USB Mode feature

What is the USB Mode feature?

An USB Drive is an USB flash drive with the size of your car key. Most formats work (e.g. SD, MS, SM, MMC, CF...).

The USB Drive feature in TheGreenBow VPN Client software allows a user to move the VPN Configuration (i.e. VPN tunnels, security elements) out of his computer onto a portable USB Drive. The VPN Configuration is encrypted, and can be setup to work on the user computer only or on any computer.

With the USB Drive feature, VPN tunnels cannot be opened without the USB Drive. In case the USB Drive is lost, the security elements it contains can not be used.

The USB Drive feature is a two-way factor (i.e. hardware + password) without the complexity of setting up a full PKI infrastructure to deploy USB Tokens or SmatCard. See also USB Drive vs. USB Token.

How the USB Mode feature works?

Enable a new USB Drive ..
  1. Plug in your new USB Drive and start the Wizard.
  2. Select 'This computer only' or 'Any computer' and enter your password.
  3. Select 'Move VPN config to my USB drive' .. Done!
Plug in your USB Drive .. and VPN Tunnels open!

If you leave your computer and unplug the USB Drive, all opened VPN Tunnels are closed automatically. There are no more security elements onto the computer itself.

USB Drive feature demo

Here is a demo on how to setup and how to use the USB Drive feature. Thank you so much Brian for this tutorial.