TheGreenBow announces the release of version 6.6 of the VPN Client software for Windows.

Even more powerful, more ergonomic and more universal, version 6.6 integrates in particular the following improvements and features:

  • Tunnel Fallback
    Automatic Fallback from one VPN tunnel to another when the first one doesn’t succeed.
    Example : automatic fallback from an IPsec tunnel to an SSL tunnel.
  • New administrator logs
    New enhanced logs management, with system logs and administration logs. Logs may be stored locally, in the Windows Event Viewer, or sent to a syslog server.
  • Full CA management
    Possibility to add and store gateways CA in the VPN Configuration.
    User Certificate roaming is also managed in the Windows Certificate store.
  •  New cryptographic algorithms
    New algorithms for enhanced security: DH19, DH20, DH21 groups, AES GCM and CTR, etc.

VPN Client release 6.6 for Windows is available for Standard and Premium products.

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