TheGreenBow announced during a FIC Talk in Lille that it will launch before summer a brand new VPN client equipped with encryption algorithms resistant to quantum attacks. This significant innovation underscores TheGreenBow’s commitment to staying at the forefront of communication security technologies.

The Quantum Threat

In the face of the looming threat posed by sufficiently powerful quantum computers capable of breaking current cryptographic systems (such as RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and elliptic curves), post-quantum cryptography has gained widespread recognition. International security agencies, including the CISA in the United States, the NCSC in the United Kingdom, the BSI in Germany, and the ENISA at the European level, have all endorsed post-quantum cryptography. Additionally, the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) acknowledged major advancements in this field last year and expressed its intention to accelerate the issuance of initial security certifications for products implementing “hybrid post-quantum cryptography” by 2024-2025.

TheGreenBow’s Response

Anticipating the growing demand for this new cryptographic paradigm, TheGreenBow has announced the upcoming launch of its first VPN client incorporating post-quantum cryptography. In addition to using the most robust algorithms currently available, TheGreenBow plans to integrate NIST-selected and standardized algorithms, following ANSSI’s recommendations.

Initially available on Windows, this brand-new VPN client targets organizations transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptography. Its goal is to address the urgent need to protect long-lived sensitive data from attacks such as Harvest Now, Decrypt Later (HNDL). Numerous sectors are already affected, including defense and security, government ministries, public organizations, industries (healthcare, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding), energy, transportation, telecommunications, banking, and finance. After successful proof-of-concept (POC) implementations, some organizations are already moving toward production deployment and seeking operational solutions.

Leading the Way

TheGreenBow remains at the forefront of communication encryption technologies, as evidenced by our participation in the RESQUE* (RESilience QUantiquE) consortium,” stated Mathieu Isaia, CEO of TheGreenBow. “For our clients, especially those in the Defense and Industrial Technology Base (BITD), we provide a concrete response to the challenges posed by the emergence of quantum computers.”

*The stated ambition of the RESQUE project is to develop a post-quantum encryption solution within three years that will protect the communications, infrastructures, and networks of local communities and businesses against future attacks carried out by a quantum computer.

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