As the threat of cyberattacks increases in today’s interconnected world, protecting data and communication connections for all is the natural path.

In light of the rapid growth of cybertechnology, organizations at the highest levels are facing complex security issues. Problems that need leading solutions for protecting their data and communications. Even if they use the best antivirus software available, it still wouldn’t be enough. Thankfully, there are advancing VPN technologies that offer secure, reliable answers for even the most sensitive data connections.

To navigate this data protection landscape and address the privacy, sovereignty, and security of organizations at every critical level, we turned to Arnaud Dufournet, the Chief Marketing Officer of TheGreenBow, a trusted VPN software publisher.

“Supply chain attack is one of the most serious cybersecurity challenges. In particular, securing key information exchanges with third parties or subcontractors. Information systems are becoming more interrelated, and cyber attackers are targeting the weakest links. It’s no coincidence that the new NIS 2 directive or DORA regulation for the financial sector both tackle this issue. CISOs must take into account cybersecurity risks in supplier relationships.”

Arnaud Dufournet, CMO of Thegreenbow

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